News Digest Publishing March Issue of 1991
Retro-fitting of Spiral Bevel Generetors

Yamamoto Engineering Co.,LTDiKomaki city,Aichi prefecturejand Ataka Machinery Co.,LTD(Tokyo) installed the CNC Retro-fitted Gleason Hypoid Generators at one of major automobile company.

Needs of CNC retro-fitting on Gleason machines arose from most of automotive companies in Japan. Because of old style of mechanical machine, there were difficulties to improve it's productivities. Due to manual tooth positioning, it could not have automatic loading devices. More than 20 gears must be exchanged for set-up change.

Yamamoto and Ataka put computerized CNC on these machines with automatic stock dividing device which makes it possible to adapt it into loader system.

At Yamamoto, 17 workers (averave age is 28 years old) both mechanical engineer and electric engineer are working together.