Gleason Retro-fit with advanced CNC
- - - - MAZDA Introduced CNC Retro-fitted Gleason Hypoid Generators

Yamamoto Engineering Co.,Ltd and Ataka Engineering Co.,Ltd retro-fitted Gleason #950 Hypoid Pinion Production Center with the latest Fanuc "210 i" Windows type CNC.

#950 is the one complex machine which consist four basic machines such as Gasher, Rougher, and two Finishers. It used be controlled and driven by all mechanical components. Yamamoto and Ataka divided it into four independent machines. The new loader system is adapted on these four machines for mass-production.

In '98, Yamamoto and Ataka developed Windows CNC Retro-fit with Honda Motor, this time they added new functions such as automatic tooth size correction and no-need of cutter positioning when re-set up. They also sucseeded to revive the cutting speed of five seconds where original #950 used to had.